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Объявление №6215
Вакансии, Работа
НаименованиеSocial Media Marketer
Оклад (от и до)200000, 500000
Content creating: Reels/Stories/Posts
Copyright (Russian/ Business English): email messages / website posts
Clients consultation: content plan implementation / SMM strategy / KPI
Bloggers / Influencers collaboration
Task creating for: Designer / Target specialist
1-3 years Proven work experience as a Social media manager.
background portfolio
Hands on experience in content management.
Excellent copywriting skills.
Ability to deliver creative content (text, image and video)
Solid knowledge of Instagram: hashtags, user reach, user engagement
Business English level

contract employment
40 hours work schedule (10:00-19:00), 5/2 work week
free lunch
free fitness
Marketing trend professional books (office library)
Working in a team of professionals"